My Christmas Break

By: Bailee Melo


My Christmas break was very calm but also a little eventful at the same time. For majority of the time I went to work. If you don’t know, I work at a trampoline park, so that was fun. I worked about four days each week for about 5+ hours. That was about it. But at least I didn’t have any homework to do. So that was a huge plus and I was able to relax more (and if you know, I all I do is homework and nothing else. It was so nice).

But back to the actual Christmas celebration, on Christmas Eve we went to our friend’s Tammy’s house (which is Herf’s mom). We had different types of soup and sides for that. It was really good and we opened the small presents that we got each other. But after dinner we just played some games and talked with each other. I was on babysitter patrol (as always), but I enjoyed it. After that, we went home and opened some presents that were already under the tree. I got a lot of new clothes which was super nice and great, because they are super comfy and cute. Then on Christmas day, we went over to the Herf’s house and celebrated there. We ate early dinner/ late lunch and just hung out. It was very relaxing, the whole break was!!

(I couldn’t put any picture in because it wouldn’t let me).

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