Best Movies To Watch Over Winter Break

Movies are a great way to spend fun valuable time with others or if you are just trying to spend some time alone. Here is the following list of movies in a multitude of genres.

1. Disney’s “Soul”

“Soul” is a brand new Disney animated film. This family/comedy film story follows Joe Gardener’s adventure to finding the true meaning of life. Joe Gardener, a music instructor and inspiring jazz artist, has dreams of making it big in the world of jazz. However after a certain incident he gets a glimpse into what life after passing is like. Here he meets 22, an unborn soul which he has to mentor to prepare for life itself. Together they journey through life learning about a new thing about life around every corner. This story is inspiring and can lift your spirits.

2. Mulan

2020’s “Mulan” provided a very new perspective of Disney’s beloved princess. This story follows Mulan, a warrior who must fight for peace for all. After her father was selected to fight in the war, Mulan sneaks out to fight in place of him for honor to the family. Mulan must overcome challenges and do whatever she can to bring peace and honor. This action/Adventure film is bound to inspire people especiall young women this holiday season.

These were two of fan’s greatest holiday picks. Have a Great Break!

One thought on “Best Movies To Watch Over Winter Break

  1. Woww great information I will have to go and watch those movies ! Thank you for the recommendation


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