A look into 2021

As crazy as 2020 was we can all hope this new year brings new and better things our way. A lot of things will be changing this year and hopefully they are all good because we don’t need a recap of 2020. To start of this year Trump will be leaving office and inauguration day is January 20th. As Biden will be sworn into presidency there are many changes that we will see, being good or bad is yet determined. Having a new president is sure to change how things work.

It has almost been an entire year since the first shut down happened in march and many things have changed. While covid cases continue to rise people seem to go back to everyday life which don’t mix. Although good news is a vaccine is out and has been given to people around the country. There seems to be hope that an end is near and hopefully sooner than later. We have seen places around the world don’t wear masks and are back to normal life which shows it is possible. By the end of June there is projection that the vaccine will be available for everyone to have which is good news.

There are good things to look forward to this year, starting with the the Tokyo Olympics. Since the Olympics were suppose to be last year but pushed back they are determined to have it this year. Also NASAs rover is going to land on Mars next month and will go on an exploration. Later in the year on October 1st will mark the 50th year of Walt Disney World and that brings new attractions such as Ratatoille and Tron. One of the best things to me is there will be new Climate polices and actions set in place. Big cities responsible for climate change are starting to change and have cleaner alternatives. While it is easy to see the bad, it is important to look at the good coming.

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