2021 Update

We are almost a month into 2021 and it has honestly been pretty good. How has it been for all of you? I hope that it’s going well. Some of us were able to go back to school this week which is pretty good right! By the way Make this year your year!!


Its 2021 SENIORS!! Only a couple of months left and we graduate! We all know that our senior year hasn’t been how we wished but we at have at least made it to our last year of high school and all together. We all have different things that we are going or want to do after we graduate but that is not what matters right now. So let’s get through these couple of months left. Finish applying for scholarships or other things that some of you are applying for but lets do it. Let’s get some good grades so that we can end our senior year right! Since we have a couple of months left let’s try to make them the best of our senior year with our friends! Even if it is going out with friends or just simple things like spending time with them because we know that some may leave. The main point is to make it end right and to get that diploma!!! (:

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