Winter break 2020

Although break was two weeks it felt like it went by way too quick but for my break there were many pros that came from it. For starters some family came into the springs and we all got to spend the holidays together (Covid precautions were taken). Although it was short lived it was nice to see everyone together again.

During the time of all the family being together my dad proposed to my soon to be step mom! it was very chaotic leading up to the point and everyone in the house knew expert my step mom. A few hours before all this happened my brother missed his flight and caused plans to go crazy. It was a cute moment and I am glad I got to be apart of it, it seemed it happened so quickly and you could tell me dad was nervous.

Getting a tattoo is a whole event but when the whole family goes to get a tattoo it turns into the whole day. My step mom, sisters and brother all got matching tattoos but I got a random one. Although m session was at the end of four people which was a lot. Getting there at four in the afternoon and getting my stencil started at 10:45 at night. Also it being on my ribs I had a lot of time to prepare for how much it would hurt and I was right, the healing process sucked just the same.

As senior year is closing to an end , college is coming up quick and so is moving away. I have been with my dad for a long time, being just him and I. Football being one thing we connect with and both love, sitting down every Sunday to watch. Over the break I was able to watch the last two broncos games together with him. Which sucked since we lost both of those games but it was the time spent together that meant the most. The broncos needed a time to restart and rebuild but that’s off topic.

The start of 2021 has been crazy but it was a good end to 2020 and this year is going to bring many chances to my family and I.

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