Living in the Moment

With technology advancing more and more; we are giving less attention to the things that are actually important. Many would argue “we recorded it so it’s fine” but we’re you actually there. Let’s give an example, let’s say you’re baby is starting to walk you’re too busy trying to film instead of helping the baby out building a memory. I went through this myself. I was too busy of my phone and I didn’t enjoy my little brother. The way we are all sucked into the screen when we hit that power bottom is incredible. The way we have the ability to access everything with something in our pocket is such an advancement oppose to the technology we had in the 1950s. With the way they take our attention so fast for such a long time we miss so many things.

We don’t see much of what we miss but in the end it may end up hitting you hard and you may end up wanting to go back. We have all of these things we can save like money, clothing, or cars. But the one thing we can’t save or have back is time. We have to learn to start living in the moment. Because like with me we don’t know how much longer we have on this earth so we should start looking into ways to actually be there. You only live once so we need to start acting like it. One thing I’ve learned is you don’t know if you’ll have a tomorrow and being on your phone may take you away from being with someone for the last time. We have to start living in the moment.

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