Christmas and New Years!

By: Jamily Martinez

Christmas is almost here and I think that most of us are excited for it. Christmas gives us the chance to spend time with our family and the people we love. It is not all about the gifts but it is about who we spend it with and how we spend it because at the end of the day our family or friends are the ones that will always be there not gifts even though that is what others think that Christmas is all about. Take the time and spend time with the people you love laughing and just spending a great time, but don’t forget to open your presents and give your family and friends theirs as well! Also don’t forget to watch Christmas movies, drink hot cocoa, and eat cookies! (;

The year is about to end and even though this year was not the best we can still find a way to end it right and with the right people. Before the year ends take out all the negativity and negative people out of your life also things that made didn’t make it a good year. Start to focus on what you want for 2021 for example New Year resolutions! Other than that I hope that all of you have a great Christmas and New Years!! See you next year!!!

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