Christmas break with The Melo’s

By: Bailee Melo


As you know, the semester just ended! Yay! Because this was one of the longest semesters ever, I think we can all agree. And now we can enjoy Christmas Break with our friends and family. Well, let me tell about what the Melo’s are doing…

This was last year, but it was still Christmas. We usually get together with family, but because of COVID we cannot this 😦

The first thing on the agenda is we are building gingerbread houses with the Herf’s tomorrow (if you don’t know who they are, it is Mr. Herfendal and his family). It’s going to be a good time. We always watch movies or a football game and have fun. During this time, we do a race/competition on who can build their gingerbread houses faster and make them look the prettiest. It is usually myself and Madi (who is Herf’s youngest daughter) who make the prettiest one. But in competitions, the competitors are the children against the grown, male adults. Which is my father and Herf. One year they cheated, and what I mean by that is they used super glue and tools to build their house.

This is myself and Madisyn clearly winning the race

Second thing on the agenda….work. I have to work on Saturday and Tuesday, so that’s exciting. So does Brinkley, but on different days. The second part of the work adventure is cleaning Harrison, so excited for that! (Not really). We are cleaning up the bond mess in the locker rooms and places like that, because isn’t that just the best thing to do on break!

This is us on a family walk

Third thing on the agenda is Christmas. Like everything Christmas. For example, on my mom’s side of the family, there is 56 of us. Like 56 people, and there are 10 grandchildren between my grandparents (which is my mom’s parents). And every year for Christmas, each family get two people to give presents to. My mother has three sisters, so it balances out. So there’s that and then on Christmas we open presents. Sometimes on we cheat and open a couple on Christmas eve, but that’s fine. But yeah, that’s what we are doing!

This was also last year! This is myself, my cousin Cacie (in the middle), and my cousin Ella (on the right).

We hope you guys enjoy your break and enjoy Christmas! Or for whatever you celebrate during the holidays! But Happy Holidays everyone and stay safe and warm!!

-The Melo’s

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