I Attended a Livestreamed Concert- Here’s How it Went

By: Alexis Poss

With COVID taking over a major part of our lives this year we have had to adapt the way we do many things. Learning, working, and entertainment are just some examples of how much we’ve have to change our lives for a pandemic we never expected.

Entertainment alone has faced many difficulties and are working on attempts to get semi back to normal. Talk show hosts are performing without crowds, movies are being produced with daily COVID testing and smaller crew, and singers are attempting ways to connect with fans virtually. In fact, popular British singer and former One Direction Member Louis Tomlinson, 28, hosted a virtual concert this past weekend in order to raise money for a few charities close to his heart. With the announcement of his show just two days before Thanksgiving, fans were excited to hear from him again after his previously released solo album Walls.

As a former One Direction fan and current fan of their solo careers, I was excited to hear Louis Tomlinson was putting on a show. As soon as he announced the tickets dropped thousands of people ran to get their tickets, briefly collapsing the website for hours. At the low price of $18 I was able to secure a ticket a day later and wait in anticipation for what I hoped would be a great spectacle. As this was my first live streamed concert I was curious on how this would happen. Would this concert actually feel like a concert or would it be like watching an awkward video? In the days leading up to the concert Louis teased different minor details about his show. He announced there would be “one or two” surprises during his concert. Whether it be the return of One Direction or the release of a new album or song, it was obvious his fans were excited for whatever he was planning.

When December 12th finally rolled around I felt both excited and nervous. I was so hopeful to watch Louis Tomlinson live and doing what he loves most, and enjoy myself in the process. About an hour before the livestreamed concert began, Louis posted the set list. Filled with 18 songs, three being from his former band and one being brand new, I knew this was going to be amazing. I logged in and sat back, barely able to contain my joy. His concert started with his band playing the intro to “Just Hold On” with a big “28” banner displayed. (For those who don’t know Louis Tomlinson has the number 28 tattooed on his hand, and is one of his most known tattoos.) Louis shortly walked out and began performing.

Perhaps one of the biggest highlights was Louis Tomlinson paying homage to former band One Direction, where he rose to fame. Singing the popular songs “Drag Me Down”, “Through the Dark”, and “Little Black Dress” more than made up for the absence of an in-person concert. Since their “18 month hiatus” (which has actually been 5+ years) it was comforting and enjoyable to see this band member show his love for his time in the band. Emotions were piqued as Louis performed one of his most popular songs “Two of Us”. Written for his mother who sadly passed in 2016 to cancer, his ode makes many emotional. With this, you could visibly tell he was feeling the loss and legacy of his mother. Excuse me for being sentimental, but watching him sing “Two of Us” did make me tear up.

But what was the true highlight? The premier of his newest single “Copy of a Copy of a Copy”. His newest song debuted exclusively in his livestream and has yet to be released to the general public. Previously having tweeted “copy of a copy of a copy” days before his concert leaving fans confused on the odd message. Pleasantly surprised, we were able to hear this song for the first time. “Copy of a Copy of a Copy” was a lyrical masterpiece that perfectly fit with the young singer. After the concert many fans took to social media to ask Louis Tomlinson whether he would release the song or if we would have to wait for his second studio album. Tomlinson responded with “not sure when it will be released yet”.

Needless to say, Louis’ concert was a big success with over 160,000 tickets sold and $3 million dollars raised, breaking livestream record. While it was not the most ideal situation for a concert, as nobody could be there supporting him in person, it was still an amazing experience to have. Louis Tomlinson did the concert for two reasons: to help charity and for his fans. Through the concert you could feel the affection he had for all of us. I was able to share the experience virtually with a few friends who also enjoy Tomlinson’s music. As long as this pandemic is happening we need to take the steps to protect ourselves and others. Attending a virtual concert is a perfect way to be safe, support people you love, and have fun in the process.

Louis Tomlinson singing “Drag me Down” by One Direction
Louis Tomlinson preparing to sing “Two of Us”
Louis Tomlinson’s new song “Copy of a Copy of a Copy”

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