Christmas 2020

Christmas is coming and it’s one of the best holidays in the year, well for me anyway! I love Christmas and I love the month of December, there’s just so much joy and happiness. With this whole pandemic it’s good to see that our families are still here and everyone is still happy, it hasn’t been the best but we are all making the best of it. This year for Christmas it’s more of a chill Christmas, opening presents and eating food, but we’re not going to have a Christmas party and have a bunch of family over due to COVID and we all just want to be safe. Usually we would have a little Christmas party and at midnight the kids open the presents and we just eat food like tamales, and pozole and then the next day we would just relax and enjoy Christmas Day and hang out. As far as New Years, we usually do the same with a little family party but we won’t be doing that this year just to stay safe. This year I believe we will just be having a chill New Years with a few family members and just enjoy the New Year and make some revolutions we hope to accomplish. That should be all for my winter break, other just relaxing and enjoying the break. I hope everyone has a good break and enjoys the holidays, Happy Holidays to everyone, have a good one and see you in the new year.

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