by David Perea

Many wouldn’t understand the situations many are in. The adversities, the problems, some may be physical, others may be mental. No matter what it is no one will truly understand what you are going through. People may say it’s going to be ok or it’ll be fine. Are you dying? Has nothing to this point worked? The severity of these problems for some people are imaginable. One problem may lead to another. For instance in my situation I was hit with a blood disorder where my immune system is attacking my kidneys, then later on I was hit with inflammation all over my body, then depression. Your situation could be so bad and people don’t realize. 

                    The amount of battles fought every day, the amount of tears shed, it’s hard to do for some. Until you are put in that situation you can have a voice on that. A lot of people are so quick to judge on those problems but won’t put themselves in your shoes. Many have said things to me but are too stubborn and stuck up to even think about how hard it can be. It’s not easy at all but many will find a way to get through the adversities.

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