Tattoos are like therapy for me. Whenever I get one, I do feel some pain depending on the area, but it also brings peace and comfort. Tattoos are a type of art I love, and I feel like it lets someone express what they love. Some people may say tattoos aren’t art but I don’t believe that art can be anything from garbage to the most expensive canvas. A person’s skin is the canvas and the ink is the media and the tattoo gun is the brush.

Tattoos originated back in Neolithic times. There’s the history of tattoos in Egypt, China, and as well as the Celtic and Northern European tribes. The Picts- “painted people” and in Samoa and Polynesian islands. This is where the word “tatou” came from. The oldest recorded tattoo gun was inspired by Thomas Edison’s electric pen. Fun fact the inking process could turn on the immune system helping people healthy. They can help reduce cortisol levels and stress reduction. High cortisol levels can cause migraines/ headaches/ and increased weight gain. Tattoos do cause some pain but the endorphins in your body releases during the process can make you feel good and cause a euphoric feeling.

My first tat with bestie.
5th recent tat
4th tat
3rd tat
2nd tat.

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