Good in all the Bad

By: Isabel Scarbrough

With 2020 coming quickly to an end it has been a year to remember, unfortunately many will remember the mass amount of bad this year brought. Since the beginning of March Covid has dominated the media so here are some good things to happen this year!

500,000 acers saved in the Amazon

Over 500,000 Acers of the Amazon Rainforest were protected this year by Nemonte Nenquimo an Indigenous Amazon leader. This caused her to win a Goldman Environmental prize for her work. With Nemonte taking action caused other tribes to follow in her footsteps and save more land. Only good news can come from this story as they continue to grow and fight for the earth.

Eight endangered giraffes saved from floods

Over the past week there was an intense flooding on a small island which caused eight giraffes to get stuck. Not to worry as member of Ruko Community wildlife build a giraffe- raft. Saving all eight Giraffes softly and getting them back home. The giraffes that were saved were apart of the most endangered population of giraffes, allowing them to continue in the population and grow.

Once in a 800 year chance

On December 21st there is a rare ‘Christmas Star” happening for the first time in 800 years. Jupiter and Saturn will appear closer to one another than the past eight centuries. This will cause the planets to create a shinning point of light and can only be seen from earth. Even though this year has been a crazy one, to end it off will be a rare phenomenon last saw in 1226. Making it even better, you can see it! It can be hard to find positives when negatives are surrounding you but its always possible. is where all the stories and pictures came from.

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