A life style

by David Perea


              Many see street racing, doing donuts, or even burning out as something bad, something that causes harm to everyone. Yeah there may be accidents, but we can assure they are never on purpose. Many don’t know situations people are going through, doing those things, showing off your car builds, putting their car up to the test, it gives that inner peace to some. Going to truck meets and car meets is something only sum can get close to. Like me with what I am going through going to those meets it makes all my worries go away. I see nothing but happiness in them. 

         They may be happy but indeed there are many downs to them. People don’t always mean good when they are there. Some bring the alcohol to get “turnt up” causing people to lose control in their driving or even in themselves. Fight break out because of the drunk people, yeah it can be dangerous but it’s part of the style, like tackling is part of football. Cops come to try to shut down the events but they don’t know the other resources the car people have. There is no harm meant to be done to anyone that is there it’s all to have fun and enjoy themselves.

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