What did you do on your thanksgiving break?

Well I will start off by telling you how my break went. It was pretty great I did a lot of things. I was able to sleep in and not worry about school or school work which is awesome right? (; I was able to spend time with some of my best friends and have fun since it had been a long time that we actually had the opportunity to hang out. Spending time with friends is a way for me to just forget about things that are stressing me out and it is a time for me to just have fun.

I think that my favorite thing about my break was that I was able to be around my family and spend time with them to be able to make each other laugh and just spend a good time together. Spending time with friends and family made me realize that you sometimes just have to appreciate the people you have around you and to always thank them for everything that they have done for you even if it’s the smallest thing. Another thing that I loved doing over break was putting up my Christmas tree since I love Christmas but what I liked about putting it up was that I did it with my mom and I love doing things with my mom even if I annoy her 24/7 spending time with my mom is one of my favorite things in life. Overall I loved my thanksgiving break this year and I hope that you did too!!

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