What a break can do

The word break alone seems to give relief to anyone who hears it, maybe its a break from work, school, parents, siblings. Or maybe its a break from yourself and your situation because sometimes its okay to step back. The holidays are a very happy time and cheer is in the air but it can also be stressful and heart wrenching for some. At least we get some breaks during this time of the year, like the previous Thanksgiving break we just had. Over the past week I was able to re learn how important it is to take care of yourself. As everyone had finished their food and music was playing I was stuck in my own head over something I couldn’t control. It took me away from the moment and all I wanted to do was go home. Sometimes you need a mental / emotional break and it is never a bad thing to take. So I sent one last text message trying to help my situation and when it only made it worse I knew it was time to stop. Mental health is one of the most important and most looked over thing in everyday life. Time off is always great and a time to connect and relax is always looked forward too. Its time to give your mind and heart the same thing when it feels heavy.

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