This is my Thanksgiving Break

My thanksgiving break was really good. We were suppose to go out of town but the place we wanted to go was to bad with the coronavirus. So we stood home, but we did a lot of shopping. We had a movie night every night together. And my dad and stepmom cooked a really good, and really big thanksgiving dinner for us. It was so good and of course we were thankful to be together. But for me it was different because this was my first thanksgiving with my dad since I was a baby. But I am glad we spent it together. And we spent all our time together, we really like starbucks, so it was just starbucks and us.I really liked my thanksgiving break, I will never get tired of spending time with my family. Know I just can’t wait for christmas. Once christmas is here our whole family is going to be together. Family is the most important thing to me.

By: Sophia Ortega

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