Thanksgiving with the Melo’s

By: Bailee Melo


Over Thanksgiving break we met up with some former athletes/ alumni of Harrison because they wanted to workout, because they’re school sent them home.

Thanksgiving break was very eventful at the Melo’s house. For example, on Thanksgiving we went non-traditional this Thanksgiving, meaning we had tacos and a nacho bar. It was really good, but we did have the traditional pies like pumpkin pie and pecan pie. But another dessert we had was a pecan pie cheesecake that my cousin made. It was so good, you might have to make it and try it. And after Thanksgiving dinner, we went over to a friends house and played games!

But throughout the week, we did normal things. Like shopping, mainly for clothes, but for groceries as well. Wearing our masks of course, no COVID for us. We checked out all these deals that stores were having for Black Friday. They were pretty good I might add. We also did some outdoor activities with family, like hiking (and no we aren’t wearing our masks in this picture, so oops).

Image preview

And lastly, during our break we relaxed and enjoyed time with each other. Except for the days Brinkley and I had to go to work, but that’s besides the point. We watched a lot of Christmas movies during this time, especially multiple Home Alone marathons. It was nice to have a break from everything and to just enjoy ourselves.

But we wish you had a good Thanksgiving as well! And Happy Holidays everyone – The Melo’s! 🙂

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