Positivity by David Perea

     Thanksgiving break was one of the things I was waiting for the most this year. Not only because it was my birthday but because it was the week I would receive news on my kidneys. I was starting to lose a lot of the liquid that was inside of me and starting to lose weight. I was 30 pounds over my weight, full of liquid but now I am back where I am supposed to be. I still have liquid but I am getting there. I thought it was going to be good news from the doctor but when my mom got that phone call, it went upside down. My kidneys are now working at a 25% rate. Which means they declined 20% in the span of 2 weeks. Now my doctor is putting me on a kidney transplant list. But in the mean time I am going to try a new medication that may be able to stop the disease. There may only be a 50% chance it will work but it’s worth trying now that my situation has gotten complex.

          I thought I was going to be sad when I heard the news, but no. Here I am still living my positive life. Many would get down but I just have that “yolo” mindset in me.  I just push forward and enjoy my life and give thanks to the man above for giving me what I have. Being 17 in a crazy world with so many problems isn’t easy. Many won’t understand my situation and that’s fine but it’s “yolo” through and through.

3 thoughts on “Positivity by David Perea

  1. What a courageous post!! Many people are living with diseases that take them down. It’s great to see an upbeat attitude. I’m sure that your article will inspire others to live the YOLO lifestyle.


  2. David, this is a beautiful post; your vulnerability really touched me and your writing is beautiful. I hope that the medications work and that your health improves. Thank you for sharing your story and being a positive role model for your classmates and teachers.


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