My Thanksgiving Break

My break was more of a chill break. The first part of the week I was with my mom and in the second half, I was with my dad and stepmom. With my mom, we watched movies, cooked a lot of food. We made turkey, mash potatoes, gravy, stuffing, mac n cheese, and pumpkin pie. We have a tradition when we get the turkey ready and seasoned, we wash it with water, and to make sure the water gets out we jiggle it and dance with it.

My grandmother started this tradition when my mom was a little girl and my mother continued it on and it’s been passed down to me. My mom slow cooks the turkey and we have a cat and dog that goes crazy from smelling the turkey and they try to go and find it. They search through the whole house and act crazy. Then when she pulls it out of the oven they come running and just watch her and expect pieces. Then I go to my dad’s and they made ham, Puerto Rican rice, and Hawaiian rolls. They do not celebrate thanksgiving the same as American culture it’s more of a Hispanic type of meal. we just chilled and had a family friend staying with us at the time.

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