Oh Hey Panthers (:


How’s the school year going ? Well I hope it’s going great! The holidays are getting closer and closer which means that we will be getting breaks! Thanksgiving (what are you thankful for ?), Christmas (what is a present you would really like this year?), and New Years which is not really a holiday but let’s consider it something to celebrate. We have thanksgiving break next week (the 22nd-29th), so don’t forget about the things or people you are thankful for that is the most important thing about thanksgiving!!

I know that I am thankful for my family and friends but also for everything I have around me. Spend time with your family and forget a little about school just not your assignments (if you have any). Also spend all time you can with your friends. This semester is almost over and so is the year which seems pretty great right! We all just want for the year to end right and we are the only ones that can do that so before the year ends try and make it the best even though it has been a pretty hard year but I now that we can do it! I hope that all of you have lots of fun laugh and just enjoy the little and big things in life with them!

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