By Isabel Scarbrough

Here are four hot drinks that are perfect when that cold weather hits. Coming hot and heavy is the Christmas morning from Dutch Brothers. This drink called the chia tea and white chocolate mix. Taking a sip is like waking up on Christmas morning, a feeling loved by many. It has the right amount of warmth and coffee to it. Being a mix of energy but not too much to be overwhelming. Being a cheaper drink of coffee and a friendly staff, plus you get good coffee when you go!

The Cinderella latte is not one on the menu being a secret menu from Starbucks. You might get a weird look if you ask for a Cinderella latte but luckily its just pumpkin spice and white chocolate mocha just with a pretty name. A great drink to maximize the fall but stay close with the mocha. Not many know about it and how good it is.

Coming back with another Starbucks drink is the salted cream caramel cold brew, this drink doesn’t have any fall  or winter special ingredients but it’s a nice cold drink to  still give off the chilly weather feel. Being a perfect mix of caramel and the energy with cold brew.

And finally an easy make at home drink, the peanut butter and Nutella hot chocolate. This drink is perfect, consisting of a rich flavor and bringing us back to the Christmas season.

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