Many countries have different traditions and reasons for Thanksgiving. Some may be similar and some very different. The US thanksgiving traditions are having a turkey, cranberry sauce, mash potatoes gravy and so much more for dinner and dessert. Some families have a tradition of cracking a wishbone, which is the neck between the neck and chest of the bird. Whoever gets the bigger piece they make a wish. Usually, there’s a football game and the families that like football will watch with friends and family. Some families will watch holiday movies all day and spend time with their family and friends. America’s reason behind thanksgiving is a day to celebrate and being thankful for the year and harvest they could bring in. Some countries celebrate thanksgiving but not quite like the US. Some don’t celebrate on the same day either. Grenada, a country in the Caribbean, celebrates thanksgiving on October 25th because that’s when the American soldiers rescued them from a communist takeover. Even though the native people were confused about the idea of thanksgiving they saw it as a day their people were free. When the soldiers told them about thanksgiving they saw it as a way they could re-pay the soldiers for helping them and since they would miss it at their homes they thought they could give it to the soldiers as a way to pay their debt in away. So, some people see turkey day as eating a lot of food and being with family and friends. But some see it as a day of being set free and celebrating life.

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