Quarter 2 Has Arrived

By Alexis Poss

Photo by Jeff Stapleton on Pexels.com

As we reached the end of the first quarter, Harrison students were treated with a week off of school. Some students used this to catch up on any missing work, while others simply enjoyed the bliss of having a break in the midst of our new crazy year. And yet, we are still unable to enjoy a “normal break”. So how do students spend their time in the midst of a pandemic? From playing video games, to playing sports with a few people, students at Harrison are learning to adapt to our new normal.

            Getting our first break was a refreshing way for students to unwind after the hard work they have been putting in. Of course, relaxing is different to each person. Whether you spent your days curled up watching a movie marathon or spent hours at the skatepark, having the break was a perfect way for students to reset and get back into a healthier, hard-working mindset. Most students have been giving a tantamous amount of effort in order to keep up with their work, especially at home. I believe being able to step back for a moment to recognize the work we put in and enjoy a reward for our efforts is going to help us as students continue to put in our utmost effort. Our fall break was a nice way for us as students to take the break we needed as well as getting our heads in the game for Quarter Two.

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