Panther Sports!

By Leila Anderson

With sports coming up in the new year, now is the time to get your seasonal passes! Students around the school come together to buy their tickets to Football, Basketball, Volleyball, and Soccer games. The seasonal passes are (TBD) and can be purchased at tailgate, or (TBD). Don’t miss out on this opportunity! For just (…) dollars you can get into every game for free! Going to the sports games and competitions show your support for your fellow students and team members! Harrison games are exciting and full of energy, this is a good chance to watch a game and hang out with your friends! The season starts with Basketball, then changes to Football and etc..  Trust me, you don’t want to miss the intense games between our rival…SIERRA. Sometimes games are neck and neck, one point apart. The hype is real. Going to the games creates memories that you have to hold onto for years even past high school. The band places, the cheerleaders get the crowd pumped, and the game goes on! There are contests for most pride, t-shirt cannons, and even chances to get on the track and dance along with everyone else as the announcer plays classic hits!

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