Looking For A Better Life

As many may know or don’t know, my dad is not from the US and he was born in Mexico City. He came to the US to look for a better life and to help my brother and I, he came with little to no money and almost didn’t make it across. When he crossed he came to Colorado and that’s when he met my mom, that’s when things started looking good and he had hope. Since my mom is from Colorado, she promised him she would help get him his documents to be able to be legal but that the process would be long. Growing up was very hard and I did not have it easy, I never really got the things I wanted and when I did it’s because my dad worked hard to get them for me. My dad worked everyday and long hours just to support us and get us the things we wanted, and I was always appreciative of my dad for this. Everyone in the family knows that he’s a dad girl because I am the only girl out of my 6 brothers, so me and my dad had a very close bond. He worked everyday to be able to have my quince and the day of my quince he was so emotional and it just made me happy to think that my parents made everything possible for me to have it. My dad is a very hardworking man and it sucks to see that with everything going on in the world with racism and how my dad and the Latin community get looked at as “bad people” when in reality all they want is a better life. I remind my family that we are not bad people and we pray everyday that things get better because that’s all we can do. This process has not been easy but very stressful and I am very glad that we have came this far. To any other families out there that have been through the same thing, I just want to say it’s not easy but you will get through it.

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