By Jamily Martinez Fernandez

  Fall is finally here!!! Let’s all get in the fall! I think we are all excited for fall since it is such a pretty season especially when the leaves start to fall and when they start to change colors as well. Even though it has not been the best year we are here to make it end right and with the right people! The holidays (Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas and let’s not forget New Years) are also on their way, spend time with family and friends but hey, don’t forget all the good food we are going to eat.

Harrison seems to be coming into the fall vibes.!! Spirit week is the 27-30th of October. I hope that all you have fun and are creative especially with your Halloween costumes. We hope to see everyone dressed up as something just to follow all the rules. Have fun.!

Our school hasn’t said much about sports or after school activities or anything that relates to that. We really do hope to hear new things about that since I think we all want to go back to our normal lives and participate in school activities! As well we all have hope that this will end quickly but other than that enjoy life and spend time with family and friends.





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